Privacy Policy

Instalikes privacy policy

This document provides and describes the official Instalikes service privacy policy. We strongly recommend reading the next section of privacy policy to every user. This will ensure proper understanding of every point of the company Privacy Policy.

By reading this section the user will get notified and informed that by visiting the service and continuing to use the service and or getting subscribed to any of the provided services, the user accepts all the official Privacy Policy rules. If a user for any reason whatsoever does not agree and does not accept the next rules of Privacy Policy, it is not recommended to go on using and any services provided on the resource.

What user data we extract from your visits:

We gather the following personal data fro any user visiting our resource or using our services with the aim of any transaction completion, proper functioning and proper maintenance of financial and strategic data:

  • User real name
  • User business/company/official name
  • User name in customer’s social media accounts
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Specific user preferences and web browsing history with the aim of optimization of the Instalikes service. We gather this information by using cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are minimal text-only data pieces given by a certain resource. Cookies are kept on service server hard disk. Cookies extract user data related to resources visiting hitstory and preferences and other data user posted on visited resources.

How Instalikes cookies work?

Instalikes cookies work to generate the best user experience on Instalikes service. The data, which get extracted from user visits, are used for general optimization of marketing techniques and for generation of statistical reports. Our service does not extract user sensitive information. Cookies can also be communicated to the hard disk of user’s PCs by third party. Instalikes service is not associated to such parties in any way. INSTALIKES does not consider such cookies data to be liable. If a user visits third party resources or uses any third party services we strongly recommend to read their privacy policies to make a decision whether to allow third party cookies or block them.

How to disable any cookies?

Cookies are allowed on default in any browser you may use unles you have blocked them previously. A user may block cookies if the extraction of user information is unwanted or any changes to the way a browser collects and processes user data are as well unwanted. Browsers can be set by users’ preferences which may allow some cookies and block or disable others to be able to access a computer during web browsing. A user can also set a browser to notify any time cookies are trying to extract and process user data. If you want to find out how to disable or partially block cookies in your specific browser you can refer to the browser Help section and open additional information on how to set cookies.

User information security and protection

Instalikes service respects the confidentiality of every user visiting or using the service. We employ the highest level protection of the data the user commits to us. Such a security of user data ensures that the information is kept within protected and encrypted staff of the service and that the information is used only for knowledge extension and on the need to know this information basis. The financial specific information is highly encrypted with the use of the latest SLL techniques.

We have taken all possible measures to ensure ultimate protection of user data to be kept safe and to be processed. service does not hold responsibility in a situation of failing to maintain the protection due to the inability to keep control of the data.

Data processing

Instalikes gets the right to use user data in any way specified in these Privacy Policy terms. The service may bring in changes into the terms of this policy. The changes commence on the data of their execution and from the moment of being posted on a specific page of the resource.