Facebook is undeniably one of the most popular social media platforms in the world when it comes to connecting to not only people but places and businesses as well. Operating in multiple countries with millions of users, Facebook is without a doubt one of the most versatile and prolific websites currently in operation.

That being said, while using Facebook is generally very easy and straightforward, there are still a few useful features that not very many people are aware of. With that in mind, we’ve put together this quick article listing three great Facebook features that we think you should know about.


Save posts for later.

Facebook’s Save For Later feature can be tremendously helpful for finding posts that you wanted to follow up on before but didn’t have time for right at that moment. All you have to do to utilize this function is select “Save Post” or the post in question; you will then be able to find it in your Saved folder later (which is located in your Favorites bar on the left-hand side of the page). Additionally, there is no time limit on saved posts; they will never expire (although they will be removed from your Saved folder if the original user removes that particular post).

Add additional security.

In these days of cyber threats, identity theft, and hacking attempts, online safety and digital security are more important than ever. Facebook, thankfully, offers many different ways for you to boost your account security. Some of these additional security measures include (but are not limited to) Two-Factor Authentication (which requires anyone logging into their account from a new device to verify their identity), an alert system for unrecognized logins (such as if someone is logging in from a different computer or using a different web browser), and trusted contacts (which can help you gain access to your account if you’ve lost your password or been locked out for some other reason).

Alter ad preferences.

One of Facebook’s major sources of revenue is ads that are featured on virtually every page of the site. And not only does Facebook rely a great deal of these promotions to earn money, they also employ algorithms that are specifically designed to customize ads according to user preferences; if you “like” the Facebook page of a popular hair stylist, for example, you may soon see more ads for hair care products and salons. Luckily, you aren’t doomed to put up with all of these different ads forever; you can adjust the types of ads you’re shown by going into your settings and removing certain “interests” from the “Ads” section. You can also remove from your account any advertisers who you’ve interacted with but don’t want to see again. Ultimately, while there is no way to remove ads entirely from your Facebook experience, being able to tailor the content more towards your interests (and remove the ads that you dislike or aren’t interested in) goes a long way towards making your time on Facebook more enjoyable.